Consistently producing winning progeny

SILVESTER - BEF Champion Showjumping Sire in successive years and Reserve
Champion Eventing Sire.
Silvester is a top class showjumping and eventing stallion with
exceptional temperament. He was the overall winner (dressage, eventing
and showjumping) at his SEIB Young Horse Evaluation, scoring 9 plus
for jumping, dressage and temperament. His forbears have competed
at two Olympics and have won numerous Nations Cups. Silvester has
exceptionally high fertility, 93%, even with less easy mares. He is an
intelligent stallion with an enthusiastic but relaxed temperament which he
passes on to progeny.

Consistent Breeding Success
His genetic generosity has led to outstanding consistent breeding
success, to date his progeny have been awarded;
10 Elites, (one dressage, 2 eventing and 7 showjumping).
35 Higher First Premiums.
24 First Premiums at the BEF Futurity Evaluations.

This gives him the unique distinction of Elite progeny in all three disciplines.

Silvester’s progeny are now out competing successfully in showjumping
and eventing with his first offspring now Advanced..

Now also standing Carthago Chicago

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